Recruiting is one of the major operations of any business in order to hire employees and fulfil the business goals. Here comes ATS  software to automate the recruitment process by streamlining workflows with features like job board distribution, communication, and career sites. The features of ATS software help to reduce the time and cost of the recruiters and also enhance the productivity in conducting the interview process. It also streamlines the recruiting process by managing the database of the candidates, enhancing their communication with the recruiters and automating the resume screening. Here we have listed some Applicant tracking software that can benefit organisations considering the requirements.

Zoho recruit

Zoho recruit software is one of the leading platforms that help organise the Candidates’ information in a single database. It is also effective in tracking all job openings, candidates, clients, and resumes in a single interface.


TestGorilla is also one of the major tools that can help candidates to make data-driven decisions in staff augmentation. It includes software skills test,  personality test, cognitive ability test,  cultural fit test language test. The features help to shortlist the right candidates who are fit for the job role in that organisation.


Workable is the A-class recruitment tool that incorporates automation in the hiring process. It streamlines the hiring process by managing a large number of applicants, boosting the employee brand and attracting potential candidates.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR  plays an effective role in the Human resource platform.  It allows the company to evaluate each stage of the recruitment and simplifies how to identify potential talent and make them work as per the requirements. It has “people data and analytics” features that can help to protect the data of the candidates. It also has automated onboarding features that can help to get rid of the tiresome paperwork process.


Pinpoint is the pivotal ATS  software that can attract the potential current at the right time and right place by analysing the requirements of the job. It saves time by automating processes such as screening profiles, shortlisting candidates and making data-driven decisions in end-to-end recruitment. It also comes with customised onboarding features that can help to engage and retain new hires. has its ATS software that can speed up the HR process by managing the recruitment and onboarding operations. It also analyses new candidates by conducting tests and quizzes to evaluate their skill set. Is also very fruitful in terms of scheduling LinkedIn posts and broadcasting, and hiring emails automatically.

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