Recruitment is an important part of any organisation to provide an effective workforce to fulfil targeted goals. However, it has been seen that recruiters are not having the best results after investing a lot of effort to incorporate recruitment strategies. If the recruiters do not find the right talent for the vacant role,  the organisation may suffer in the long term. It can also decrease employee morale and decrease the productivity of the employees at the workplace. If a recruiter has bad hiring, existing employees can be affected by it until the person is replaced. This is totally a waste of money and time at the same point. So it can be said that bad hiring has a negative impact on the business that damages the reputation of the company and lowers the team performance.


It is very important for the recruiters to implement an effective recruitment strategy to get the right talent for the job position and create a positive work culture in the workplace. In this blog, we have discussed some mistakes that should be avoided to ensure that candidates are fruitful for the company.

4 common hiring mistakes

  • Writing vague job descriptions

Writing a vague job description and advertising creates a lot of confusion among the employees as they cannot get a basic understanding of the job role.

To avoid this mistake, recruiters should write about the required talent skills and knowledge of the candidate so that they can get an idea before applying for the job. Recruiters should  give a clarity about the role and responsibilities and put down in the list to make it more concise.

  • Not conducting personality test

Recruiters often pay more attention to the skills and experience of the candidate rather than to their character. If a person is not fit for your organisation’s culture it can create many conflicts in the future that lowers the productivity and morale of employees in your organisation.

In order to avoid this situation theory should conduct a personality test to assess their character and also ask some open-ended questions in the interview round to get insight into their traits.

  • Avoiding using Technology

Integrating cognitive technology tools can enrich the hiring process and make it more cost-effective with the help of automation. Automation tools decrease the burdensome work of the reporters and enhance the product activity in the next interview rounds. Using traditional methods in sourcing,  screening and onboarding can make them tired of conducting this process so using ATS software can eradicate irrelevant job applications and get them more qualified candidates.

  • Not broadening search limit

Hiring is a hectic process in terms of getting the right candidate for the niche job role. In order to save time and money, recruiters often list their job vacancies on the local job and lower their search limit. To broaden their search limit and get more potential candidates, recruiters should use social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook), and online job portals to reach out to candidates.

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