Recruiting is an essential function of the HR department that includes identifying and choosing the right candidate for a specific job. The employees who are the Asset of any organization are responsible for the growth of any business.

The automation process can help recruiters to increase their productivity as well as bring down the cost of the hiring process which can be beneficial for the organization. The automation in recruiting process includes machine learning and AI automation to sort out resumes, and hire and onboard candidates. If you want to improve your recruitment process then you should consider using automation technology that can improve the candidate experience as well as the objectivity of the hiring process.

Implementing automation in recruitment can be beneficial for the recruiters in terms of choosing the right candidates for the next step from the pile of resumes.

Why should we opt for automation in recruiting?

  • Eliminating bias in hiring

Automation tools in recruiting helps to eliminate bias from the hiring process. Automation tools can help you to make a talent pipeline by choosing qualified and diverse candidates with right skill set. Automation conducts the process of choosing employees that are fair and transparent.

  • Improving productivity

Automation can help to screen the profiles of the candidates with the help of applicant tracking systems and find out the right match for the current job opening. It contributes   in screening profiles, sourcing external internal balance, calendaring interviews schedule that can help them to bring down the workload and be more productive incorporating next steps.

  • Reducing the time of hiring

As previously discussed, automation eliminates the loathsome work for the recruiters and gives them time to choose candidates from the talent pool for the specific job role.


Here are some uses of automation to improve the recruitment process

  • Tracking application

Automation helps you to manage the entire recruiting and hiring process and accelerate candidate management. Application tracking software is the most common feature of automation. ATS helps to record the data, track it and store it in a database. It has tools that help to evaluate the data of the candidates and make effective hiring decisions accordingly. Some ATS software is Zoho recruit job vite,   iCIMS, Workday, smart recruiters etc.

  • Conducting pre-hiring assessment

Pre-hearing assessment is also very beneficial in terms of evaluating the skill set, characteristics and personality traits of the candidates. The assessment test is structured to evaluate whether a candidate is right for the job role or not . So it can be said that automation is fruitful to do better candidate Analysis.

  • Job advertisement

Automation also helps to give job advertisements that are more appealing to the potential candidates to apply for the job. Job advertising shows the organisational culture and values and shares the experience of the existing employees to attract the candidates. App cast, and Ad stream are the few job advertisement platforms that are dependent on automation to attract required talent.



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