Recruitment is one of the major operations of the business that gives an effective workforce to meet the organisational goals. One of the emerging trends in recruitment is remote working or hybrid working models and the flexible working skills that can help to attract qualified job seekers and make an effective large pool. Even the gig economy is also one of the major emerging trends that can help companies to give contractual Employees the best talent without investing huge recruitment budgets.

In recent times, India is going forward towards adopting technology in sourcing, screening shortlisting and onboarding employees. The recruitment agencies are more likely to incorporate cloud-based solutions automation.

The best part of this recruitment is using social media to communicate with job seekers and carry out a whole conversation with those platforms. Even the job seeker can also know the organisational culture, environment, and policies by exchanging words and with a few clicks.

So let’s go deep into identifying the recent trends in recruitment agencies of India that are in buzz.

5 emerging recruitment trends in India

Social media platforms

Nowadays recruiters are inclined to use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook even Instagram to attract direct and passive Candidates. It has provided information regarding the job openings in the job description of the organisation. Social media platforms are one of the most effective tactics when it comes to attracting millennials. The organisation can give more information about workplace policies and environment organisation culture through their pages that help to create a community overall.

Social media platforms have got a snowball effect in terms of hiring, engaging candidates and making a larger talent pool as well. With a few clicks, the candidate can be able to get information and also get an idea about personality traits by going through their social media timelines and stories. It has opened a new Avenue for the recruiters to gather more information about the candidates and vice versa.

hiring gig workers

Hiring gig workers is also one of the major trends in India. As per the NITI reports around 7.7 million workers to work in India, which also encourages the gig economy’s flourishing. Nowadays recruiters are interested in hiring contractual employees to offer short-term positions for a particular period of time. Working with contractual employees gives more flexibility and reduces the total cost.

Remote hiring

The hiring process has come into play mostly after the pandemic situation.  Recruiters use collaboration tools and conduct video interviews to gather the right information from the candidates regarding their skills, expertise and knowledge.

Incorporating advance technology

Recruiters are moving towards adopting advanced technology in sourcing shortlisting and hiring candidates. They are using AI-driven Technology such as applicant tracking systems and cloud base solutions, Data analytics is used to shortlist them and keep the database of their profiles to reach out to them for future job openings. Chatbots also enhance the candidate experience and engage them throughout the interview process.

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