Nowadays the recruitment game has changed and become more candidate-driven overall. So it’s very important for organisations to enhance the candidate experience so that they can become more engaged and invested throughout the interview process. Candidates are flooded with multiple job offers, so their experience with the recruitment process also influences their acceptance of the job offer. A better experience can make the candidates share their feelings with others which can enrich your employer’s brand. To enhance a candidate’s experience, the recruiter should initiate a healthy conversation or communication with the candidate with the right information regarding their expertise, skills, knowledge and background.

What is the candidate’s experience?

There is no proper definition of candidates’ experience however the candidate experience signifies their responses to the interview process. As per the reports, 38% of candidates are more likely to accept a job offer based on their positive experiences. Tangible benefits are associated with candidates’ experience such as decreasing employee turnover, increasing employee loyalty, and engagement, reducing the hiring cost and creating a strong work culture. As per the reports, 69% of candidates will not apply again to your company if they have a negative experience with your recruiters. So, to avoid or spread any negative attributes, you should buckle up some ways to enhance candidates’ experience in recruitment.

3 ways to enhance candidates’ experience

Giving a clear job description

The recruiters should give a clear and concise job description so that the candidates can understand their job role. Candidates are also curious about the perks,  benefits and salary range and most importantly the organisation’s values. So recruiters should avoid using stereotype  words like adaptive, passionate and career driven. Instead, they should make it more concise by giving information in JD. As this is the first step of finding attracting the right candidates, you should be conscious about using the job description, templates and samples that can make it easier for you to write a JD.

Easy application

  • Organisations should pay attention to improving the career site so that candidates can easily get the required information.
  • You should ensure delivering information content that can solve all the queries of the candidate.
  • You can think of incorporating chatbots on your career site to answer FAQs in 24/7. Most of the time the chart bots asks for the resume, cover letter and the required documents from the candidates.
  • Offering LinkedIn easy to apply is also another option that allows candidates to make an easy application.
  • You should also send a confirmation mail after receiving an application from the candidates.

Establishing communication channel

In interviews, a recruiter should start the interview with the candidate by exchanging some common gestures such as a warm handshake, and good morning wishes that reflect a positive vibration in that ambience. After that recruiter can proceed with the interview by asking some questions regarding their hobbies and interests that enable them to understand their personality traits. They should give more space to the candidates so that they can talk about their skills, knowledge and expertise backgrounds which can make them more engaged throughout the interview session. It will create a positive impact on them as they get chance to talk about themselves.

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