Five major resume components in 2022

A resume is an important part that can help a Candidate to get stand out amidst a lot of competitors. It gives detailed information about your skills training, education, work experience, achievements and accomplishments that are the most beneficial thing when it comes to considering you by the employer’s brand. It also informs about your career objectives the employer and helps you to interact with the recruiter in a calm and concise way. The most important five factors that should be included in the resume are your contact details, resume, education, skills, past work experience and further accomplishments. You can also add some additional information that totally depends on the job you are applying for. To give you assistance in making a good resume, we are going to discuss each and every factor of the resume that should be highlighted to catch the attention of recruiters.

 5 components of a resume

Contact details

A candidate should include contact details in their resume so that it can help to recruit managers to know about you. You should put your full name, your email address, phone number, optional phone number, LinkedIn profile and the current job title in your contact details. If you are a fresher you do not need to put any current job title in this case. If you belong from a creative background such as a content writer or graphic designer, you can add the link to your portfolios. It will have a snowball effect on considering you as the right candidate.

Resume summary

You should include a resume introduction by adding 3 to 4 lines about your experience, relevant skills and qualifications. A resume introduction is very important as it works as an elevator statement that can help you to grab the attention of your hiring managers. You should also think of adding career objectives that can align with the job role you are applying for. You should add your skills to the career objective part to make it more concise and relevant.


In this section, you should write about your academic degrees, background, school name and graduation year. You can also add your CGPA which can make you considered a very studious, hardworking and responsible student You can also add the extracurricular activities that you have done in your academic career.

Past work experience

Previous work experience is the most important part of a resume that can make you shortlisted from the bulk of resumes. While writing about your previous work experience, you should consider some points to add, such as:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Duration of the employment
  • Location
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Achievements (optional)

If you are a fresher, then you can easily skip this part. However if you have done some volunteer work or freelancing, you can think of enlisting it as your work experience.


In this section, you have to write about your hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are acquired through education, training and practical experience and soft skills are the most personality traits. Both are equally important for the hiring manager to choose for the further interview process.

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