You are aware of onboarding which is about giving responsibilities and resources to the employees to increase their performance to meet the organisational goals. Off boarding is all about transferring responsibilities and credentials from the employees and improving the overall exit process.

What is the off boarding process?

Off boarding is the separation process when an employee leaves an organisation to resign, retire or terminate. It is one of the most crucial parts that value the reputation and networking opportunities of the employees. Effective boarding processes can help the HR team to avoid any kind of loopholes in the exit process and improve the whole transition thing overall. It makes the transition process smoother between the departing employee and the organisation.

Why is off boarding important

A strong off boarding program is needed in terms of avoiding any legal risk that comes with issues in compensation, contracts or any kind of wrongfulness in the termination process. It also helps to incorporate the separation process in the best possible way. It manages security issues regarding claims of company assets and accounts. The offboarding program involves exit interviews where the former employees give their feedback which helps the company to gain insight into the areas that need improvement.

So, we are going to discuss the process of the off-boarding program to give you a detailed idea

Preparing for the resignation process

At first, HR should send a formal letter of resignation to the employees and get their signature on it for confirmation. They should conduct an exit interview to discuss with the employee the reason for leaving, their experience, and feedback that should be incorporated into the business process. Along with it, you should notify your team members regarding the departure of the employee and give them additional support so that they can carry out their tasks. You should also focus on taking over all the credentials, and information resources from the departing employee.

Returning assets

 It’s very important to create a checklist to ensure that employees have all access and equipment before leaving the organisation. The assets can be credit cards, ID, laptops, keys and mobile phones. They should have the final checklist to keep the records in future.

Managing reimbursement and compensation

After the departure of employees, HR should focus on managing all the compensation benefits and reimbursement of the employee. They should take care of clearing the news compensation and benefits packages for the employee to avoid any kind of legal issues from his side.

Closing or resetting accounts

They should close all the access of the employees to internal matters and the company emails. Even, they should also reset or change the password of any accounts that can be accessed by the employee.


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