Nowadays, candidates give interviews for multiple companies to get their preferable job with a decent salary package. So if you want to close a deal, it is very important for you to find out what candidates really want. You need to chalk out an effective plan that will help you to turn it around in your favour. If you want a person to join your company, you need to reduce the timeline of hiring. Along with that, you should also listen to their demands regarding the organisation’s culture, benefits and compensation. You should ask them about their wants rather than imposing organisation rules on them. They want a flexible working atmosphere where they are given the authority to work without any additional stress. You should also give them career growth opportunities so that they can climb the ladder of career enrichment.

4 tips to follow to close the deal with a candidate

Reducing the hiring timeline

Recruiting managers should reduce the timeline of hiring and include some effective pre-assessment and interview sessions to check the skills and knowledge of candidates. The longer the recruiter takes the time, the more, candidates get the time to explore the new options. So it’s always better to avoid having an extended hiring process and make the hiring process more efficient.

Asking what they want

you should have an open discussion with the Candidates to know about their needs and wants. You should ask the candidates about their interest in taking up this job or the position. You should always deliver a pitch about the opportunities that your organisation give for professional development. Moreover, you need to take care of providing a good salary package that can easily attract Candidates to join your organisation. transparency and accountability should be maintained while discussing the employment policies, rules regulations and business ethics to the candidates. It will make them understand the organisation.

Showing interest in the candidate

When you give flexibility to the candidates to discuss their expectations from the organisation you make them more engaged with the job offer. It will also give you an insight that can help you to do the salary negotiation process with the candidate. If you are ready to offer you should talk to your hierarchies about the best possible ways for negotiating the compensation and benefits.

Getting the details of other offers

You Should get the details of the other offers by asking questions regarding the benefits, compensations, salary, work environment, and professional development opportunities for the candidates. It will help them to analyse what is against their employment rules. Then the recruiters should start negotiating and make their pitch on new offerings. They should not come with the new offerings at the fence till getting all the details of the other offer.


While discussing if you understand that, the other offers are more powerful than yours and you can not match them,  you should have a backup plan to hire another candidate for the same position.

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