Creativity is an essential part of the success that drives innovation in the workplace. It gives flexibility to employees to think differently and use innovative ideas to resolve any issue. It’s very important to create a conducive environment where employees can use their creativity to drive innovations and develop products,  services and operations. As per the Forbes report,  google supports innovation in the workplace by incorporating 20% of the program that seeks their creativity. It demands 20% of their daily work hours to apply creative ideas to projects. Creative Liberty or freedom provides opportunities for companies to incorporate new ideas and views to expand their business. So, a team-based environment and culture are needed where the employees can get the space to breathe and give stress to their minds to come up with creative ideas and strategies. Here in this blog, some effective ways will be discussed to encourage creativity in the workplace.

4 ways to encourage creativity in the workplace

Removing communication  barrier

Organisations should incorporate an open-door policy that promotes open conversation between hierarchies and their subordinates. The managers and supervisors should create an inclusive environment where they can give the space to employees to think differently and come up with new ideas. They should create a strong rapport with their employees so that employees can share their ideas without any fear. The hierarchies should be generous while talking about issues that can affect creativity. Instead of being rigid on established workflows, employers should give freedom to their employees to work freely.

Creative workspace

When it comes to encouraging creativity in the inclusive environment, the organisation also give it a thought to make a creative workspace that promotes innovations. Organisations can use bright colours with cool lighting that stimulate the creative process. Using vibrant colours gives a positive vibe to the workplace adding energy to the office space. Pastel colours, shades of green and blue are very eye soothing that keep employees calm, composed and relaxed. In this inclusive environment, they can manoeuvre their brainstorming and come up with innovative ideas to reap the business.

Providing knowledge-sharing space

Organisations should provide a knowledge-sharing space so that employees exchange their knowledge. This also provides a space where employees can exchange their knowledge and creative ideas as well. Creativity is a part of career development that allows employees to be the best version of themselves and contribute more to the company. Organisations give learning opportunities to employees so that, they can Excel the knowledge and be more interested to know about those areas. It will help them to come up with their own creative ideas regarding any issue. It also helps team members to find new passion or interest and apply it for professional development and balance their work life. Knowledge-sharing space will also cultivate leadership traits, creativity and confidence among them.

Diversity in talent

A diverse workforce includes people coming from different backgrounds, identities and ethnicity . Organisations should focus on maintaining diversity in the workforce to promote creativity. As per the reports, diverse teams are way too creative as the creativity of an individual is enriched by going through different points of view and approaches. A diverse workforce encourages creativity and innovation in the workplace. An inclusive environment where people exchange their knowledge and ideas with each other.

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