Nowadays social recruitment is one of the most effective recruitment strategies that can help you to attract skilled candidates and hire them to meet your organisation’s goals. When it comes to hiring through the social media platform, LinkedIn comes in the very first place. This social media platform is designed for connecting with professionals and increasing your network as well. LinkedIn has made it easier for recruiters to streamline the hiring process by increasing the visibility of the employer brand and connecting with the candidates who search for jobs on LinkedIn. It is more purposely driven that won’t allow you to slow down your search. It is very important to use Linkedin in a proper way to attract and engage top talents. So let’s get some insights into how to use LinkedIn for better hiring.

Four steps to use Linkedin for better hiring

Creating a company page

We are assuming that you have a profile on LinkedIn, so let’s get started with creating your company page on LinkedIn. It will help you to show your content for the inbound and passive recruiting and allow you to put your employee testimonials over there. It’s a  part of enriching employee branding to attract more candidates and let them know about your organizational culture, policies, benefits and perks. You should also create appealing headlines by using some relevant keywords for better search visibility. Alongside, you need to give a company description in the about section and select a URL for your company page.

Posting jobs on the company profile

LinkedIn is the finest social platform that can help you to ask for referrals, attract talents and engage them throughout your interview process. It is very effective in terms of incorporating your passive recruitment strategy. To increase your reach, you need to post jobs on the LinkedIn company page alongside  LinkedIn groups and your personal profile.

Using LinkedIn in mail

In-mail is a premium feature of LinkedIn that provides the option to message directly to another LinkedIn member who does not have a connection with you. In-mail messages are more private messages that can allow you to connect with anyone on LinkedIn without revealing your contact information. This is one of the most effective features that can allow you to reach out to any candidate you are not connected to directly. It will ensure that you do

not miss out on any opportunity to attract skilled talent.

Using  LinkedIn ATS integration

LinkedIn talent hub has partnered with the ATS  applicant tracking system that can help you source, manage and recruit candidates on one platform. It makes it easier for recruiters to screen profiles more effectively and make better real-time decisions.

Important takeaways

To corporate your passive recruiting strategy, you need to focus on building your employer’s brand. LinkedIn is all about increasing your professional networking so you need to connect with professionals and industry experts and communicate with them to have better insights. It  allows you to connect with the job seekers to gauge their potential

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