Talent pool is all about the process of gathering information about skilled candidates for niche roles. The importance of talent pooling Comes with the database of the job seekers that enhances the hiring of skilled candidates and fosters a diverse workforce. It develops a talent pool that brings down the burdensome work of the recruiters. It increases their productivity for the upcoming interview phases. Making a talent pool can help recruiters proactively conduct the stamp augmentation process by not starting from scratch. An adequate talent pool inclusion of some details of the candidates such as:

  • strength of the candidates
  • Their expectations regarding the job roles
  • Reference to apply for the vacant position
  • Former work experience
  • opinions regarding the suitability of this position

Role of AI in talent pool

Talent is all about having a wide range of candidates who are not fully considered to enter a talent pipeline.AI-driven technology plays an integral role in terms of making a talent pool. ATS (application tracking software) can help in sourcing screening hiring candidates that come with also maintaining internal mobility at the workplace. Algorithms evaluate the data points such as skills, schooling, and affiliations of the candidates and shortlist them on the base of the keywords put in their resumes. And that’s how recruiters make the talent tool with the shortlisted candidates and execute further processes to choose the right candidate for the vacant roles. There is little difference between the talent pipeline and the talent pool attend pipeline is the inflation of the candidates who are in the advanced stage of taking a position.

Benefits of talent pool

If you depend on the reactive recruitment process, then it will be tough to go through that same grueling journey. In a scenario, choosing the best candidates from the talent pool will be suitable for you to increase your productivity. You should not start from scratch by assessing the information of new candidates; you can focus on approaching shortlisted candidates from the talent pool.

Some benefits are discussed to show why you should opt for talent pooling.


Providing diverse workforce

Talent pooling also comes with an ability to attract candidates regardless of their gender, and ethnic identities that encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It approaches a broad range of diverse candidates breaking the limitations of the recruitment process.

Decreasing talent acquisition cost

The reactive hiring process increases talent acquisition costs whereas pro-active hiring reduces the budget by giving you the access to choose the right candidates from the talent pool.  Instead of spending an extra penny on marketing analytics and job advertisements you should consider talent pooling to shortlist candidates for creating a talent pipeline.

Saving time

Instead of being dependent of the traditional methods of sourcing and screening applications to find out appropriate candidates you should dig deep into talent pool and approach the candidates directly. A well-managed talent pool will not only bring down your time but also shortlist candidates for the vacant positions. Talent pooling will allow you to go through the fewer applications to review them and finalize it for further process.

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