A screening interview is one of the major parts of the recruitment process that can help to determine whether you are eligible for further rounds or not. Screening interviews also help to determine if you are matching the job requirements that a company is looking for. Most of the screening interview rounds are done over the phone call where you communicate with the HR recruiters and answer some questions coming from them. It’s an opportunity for you to project your skills and present yourself as an ideal match for the niche role.

What is a screening interview?

A screening interview is the process of hiring that can help recruiters to evaluate your eligibility for the job role. Screening interviews are conducted over the phone or by video calls as some basic questions are asked about the previous experience and qualifications and the reason for switching to another company. You should be confident enough to answer the questions that can exude your overall personality. Before appearing for this training interview, you should read the job description fully, which will help you to evaluate whether you are suitable for the position or not.

Some generic questions are asked during the interview sessions that are discussed below:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What are your current responsibilities
  • What is your expertise
  • Why do you want to leave your current job
  • What does bring you applying for the role
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years
  • What is your last drawn  salary
  • What is your salary expectation

These questions give some insight to the recruiters into the character traits and qualifications of candidates. Screening interviews are the major factor for a candidate that gives them the opportunity to leave a good impression on the recruiter. It increases their chances of selection. You have to keep in mind that your prime objective is to make yourself forward for the next round. You need to be very particular about your skills and expectations of work experience without giving vague answers.

How to prepare for a phone screen interview

If you are appearing for a phone screen interview round, you need to consider some aspects that can boost performance and increase your chances of getting hired.

Reading job description

The fast and foremost thing is to read the job description fully to understand the role and responsibilities of the position you have applied for. Along with that, you need to do some basic research on the market products and services of the company, so that you can give some insights on their organisation. It will make them more interested to carry forward a conversation with you.

Practising basic interview questions

It’s said that practice makes you perfect. So, You need to practice by noting down your answers in a journal and practising with someone. You do not need to be cocky at answering the questions in the interview round. Instead, you should be diplomatic or politically correct while giving answers to any tricky question. It reflects your overall personality about how to come out of tricky situations and present yourself with elegance. It’s better to prepare some notes regarding the interview questions that can help you to put together your insights effectively. Confidence should be the prime accessory that you need to wear for nailing your interview and getting your dream job!!!!!!.

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