Top 4 microlearning platforms in 2022

It is very important for the employees to upskill themselves and enhance their horizons of mind to survive in the rat race. Hence they need proper training and learning development opportunities to enrich their skills and knowledge as per their needs.

Microlearning is one of the learning methods that can allow educational content to be delivered in a short modular format such as 5 to 10 minutes short videos or content. If your organization considers using microlearning, in that case, they should identify some top micro-learning platforms that can meet their learning goals.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is considered a learning process of breaking down the learning content into small parts to make certain goals. It also makes employees engaged in the learning process by not letting them consume all 5 hours of content in one go. Employees can go through shorter videos that can help them to get knowledge and enrich their skill sets in their field.

Microlearning platforms to meet learning goals

Here we are discussing some micro-learning platforms that can help employees to meet their learning goals and enhance their knowledge as well.

iSpring learn

iSpring Learn helps to incorporate microlearning programs and also measures the outcomes in one day without involving additional staff. An employee can makes the training material from the existing content such as articles, slides and videos that makes it easier for them to create microlearning courses. Microlearning courses work perfectly on tablets, smartphones and the desktop.


eduMe is basically mobile-based learning that can also be effective in terms of making the communication. It allows the trainers to make microlearning courses from the existing contents as well as the quizzes and service that can help to give clear knowledge to the Employees without causing any confusion. It helps HR to give real-time data about the performances and productivity of the employees.

Otto Learn

Otto Learn is the gamified microlearning that can allow the employees to design their micro lessons as per their needs. It also analyzes the knowledge gap in their lessons that can help them to cover those gaps and meet the learning goals effectively.


Edapp is a mobile learning management system (micro-learning platform) that is featured analytics and configuration tools. This platform is one of the most effective micro-learning platforms that make the employees engaged in the learning sessions and also give them embedded knowledge. It is also mobile friendly that gives push notifications to the employees to attend the lessons. It enriches retail and corporate training of the employees and makes them more engaged throughout the learning sessions. It ensures that the learning contents are distributed in small chunks so that they can easily fit into daily workflows and can be accessed by any device

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