Pre-assessment tools are the important factors that can help you to hire qualified and skilled candidates and enrich the hiring process overall. It also reduces the biases in the hiring process and accelerates the efficiency of the whole process. A recruiter can easily make an effective talent pool for the organisation by adopting this pre-assessment or talent management tools to get top talent. As per the reports, around 33% of hiring managers said that the screening assessment decreased the cause and time of the hiding process and enhanced efficiency as well. So let’s discuss some effective pre-assessment tools that can help you to hire top talent in less time.

Pre-assessment tools in recruiting

Test Gorilla

Test Gorilla is one of the most effective pre-assessment software that can help you to screen the candidates and test their emotional intelligence, cognitive Technology and personality traits. It can help you to take real-time hiring decisions by delivering multiple assessments. It includes the software skill test, personality test, cultural taste language test, cognitive ability test and so on. Also helps to take unbiased hiring decisions and allows the candidates to show what they truly are. Test Gorilla also comes with features such as assessment management collaboration tools Canadian management, branding and automatic grading.

Modern hire

Modern hire can be considered as an intelligent hiring platform that incorporates Technology and science to enrich the iron process. The most important feature of this modern hire is automated interview grading for video interviews. The AI-driven Technology allows recruiters to auto-score the candidates based on their responses to the interview questions. It helps them to remove biases and maintain transparency to get the best candidate who can contribute to the organisation’s goal. Some important features of this modern hire are predictive analysis, text interviewing, interview scheduling, and AI-driven automated scoring.

Thrive map

Thrive map works as a practical work simulation assessment that allows the recruiters to screen the candidates and grade them by including some assessment tests. It can help  to recruit people who can survive in the” day in the life “assessment test. It critically analyzes the personality and behaviour of the candidates who can stay longer in the work environment and the organisational culture of the company.  It gives real-time experience to recruiters in terms of hiring the right Candidates for the job role.

Skill survey

A skill survey is considered one of the most effective assessment solutions to hire passive  Candidates.  It makes it easier for recruiters to identify and obtain the credentials of the web references.


Proprofs is the online assessment platform that can help you to pre-screen candidates by including some customised features included by the SME(subject matter experts). It allows recruiters to create cognitive tests, cultural language and personality tests by adding questions from the pre-designed templates. It has an inbuilt option to take assessments in 70+ languages.


Vervoe is a pre-screening tool that helps recruiters to incorporate predictive analysis in terms of grading candidates. It allows organisations to go through automated models that depend on the interview scripts. Interviewers can easily create their test from scratch by adding some pre-design questions and also auto-score the candidates based on their performance.

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