Use of AI Chatbot in Recruitment

In this tech world, chatbots are considered digital assistant that is operated by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It offers a chat window that can help to recruit managers to perform several tasks such as collecting real-time data about the candidates. Chatbots are really effective to maintain communication with the candidates that enhancing their whole experience. Chatbots integrate with the applicant tracking systems to ease burdensome tasks of recruitment. As per the reports, chatbots can save time by managing 80% of questions within a minute, which speeds up the recruitment process and also solves the queries of candidates.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program or digital assistant that is based on natural language processing and artificial intelligence. It works as a simulation of human conversation that can make voice or text interactions. It uses the multi nominal life base algorithm that is used to update the natural language process and classification of text. These are the most important factors of artificial intelligence chatbots. Chatbots automate screening conversations between recruiters and candidates that accelerates the hiring process. It works 24/7, which helps candidates to ask any queries regarding the interview.

Benefits of using chatbots

In this blog, we are going to discuss some benefits associated with chatbots that help to streamline recruiting process and also enhance candidates. experience. It helps to schedule interviews and also collect information about the candidates regarding their qualifications, and previous work experience. chatbots come with bringing so much to the table, that will be discussed below:

Screening candidates

Recruitment Chabots or digital assistant helps to make interaction with the candidates. The chatbots with their natural language process make it easier for the recruiters to incorporate preliminary recruitment functions search as screening the profiles and shortlisting candidates to make a talent pool.

Before proceeding with the interview process chatbots ask frequent questions to candidates such as qualification, experience, areas of interest, and background. If candidates fulfil their requirements of the job role, in that case, they are taken to the next interview step.

Managing employee reference

Chatbots can easily screen the profile of the reference given by the existing employees. Chatbots help in checking whether the profiles match with requirements of the niche role. It communicates with referrals to get further information that gives insight into selecting them.

Enhancing candidates’ experience

Chatbots also help to enhance candidates’ experience by engaging them from the very beginning of the interview process. It helps in bringing them directly to the career site, asking them frequent questions and answering common FAQs. It also provides information about their current application status and alerts them of any future job openings that match their skill set. It makes them engrossed and engaged through the whole hiring process. As per the reports of Allegeris, 58% of candidates get benefits from chatbots in communicating with recruiters.

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